Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Was first developed by Bandler and Grinder in the 1970s.They observed that successful people had similar language and behavioural patterns. NLP has since evolved further to provide a much greater understanding of these thought processes, language patterns and behaviour models.

NLP teaches a person how to communicate effectively. This promotes better interpersonal skills, improves a person’s influence on others and helps us reach our desired outcomes. It addresses internal thoughts and behaviour patterns which can help or hinder situations. It utilises our senses to create helpful thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used as a talking therapy or within hypnosis. It is a valuable tool within hypnotherapy to improve communication skills, to assist in problem solving and can help a person to achieve goals within both personal and professional situations. It may also be used to modify unhelpful beliefs, for example if a person has a fear or phobia, or if they require assistance to conquer a habit such as smoking, or nail biting.