I am a registered Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist who has extensive training, skill and expertise in various different therapies. I believe passionately that therapy works best when treatment choices are chosen specifically for each individual client. On the surface two clients may present with the same type of problem but with very different symptoms, causes and/or reasons for wanting to overcome their problem. This together with the fact that we are all individuals means certain therapies/interventions suit different clients. As I also have a diploma in Stress Management some of these techniques can be incorporated with your treatment where appropriate.

My Mindbalance hypnotherapy approach is to provide a professional and personal service by choosing the most beneficial and appropriate therapies/ techniques within hypnosis personalised to the specific needs of each of my clients. This aims to provide them with the best chance of changing any unhelpful behaviour, thinking patterns, beliefs or difficult emotions to achieve and maintain a long term positive result. Therapy sessions are delivered within a relaxed environment and are completely confidential.