Generalised Anxiety Disorder (Chronic Worry)
Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a persistent exaggerated anxiety disorder that persists for at least six months. Sufferers of GAD excessively worry about anything and everything and constantly live in fear. Their worries focus on two or more of the main life stressors (such as money, relationships, health or performance). In addition to the constant worry the GAD sufferer also has at least a few additional symptoms which may include feeling restless, irritable, having muscle tension, finding it difficult to concentrate and feeling tired or having problems sleeping.

Often they are aware that their anxiety is excessive but can’t seem to stop their mind ruminating and dwelling on things, continually focusing on worst case scenarios and tormenting themselves further whilst demanding unrealistic perfectionism. They fear being out of control so often limit their opportunities by opting for a safer option.

As with other anxiety disorders, possible medical causes of chronic (a condition that persists long term) anxiety need to be ruled out by your doctor before GAD is diagnosed.

Mindbalance can help you to free yourself from constant worrying
I use a combined technique of Hypno- CBT, relaxation training, self hypnosis and stress management techniques to help you manage this condition. The therapy focuses on reducing your worrying habit and giving you more effective ways to manage your worries by problem solving techniques, calming techniques and worry reduction methods

If you have a diagnosis of GAD, I may request your permission to speak with your GP prior to helping you to manage this type of chronic anxiety disorder holistically.