If you feel stuck in a state of emotional turmoil with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness and everyday tasks seem overwhelming you may be experiencing depression.

Depression is a common condition which occurs within all age groups for a variety of reasons. Different age groups have different difficulties to cope with on a day to day basis and if these problems become too much for an individual to manage this can lead to depression.

The nature of depression varies dramatically from mild to severe. It can be short lived or a person could have been depressed all of their lives. Situational depression is commonly seen after a death of a close friend or relative, after a marriage breakdown or when a major life change occurs.

During depression a person’s thinking style makes them unable to see that things can change for the better. This strengthens and reinforces their feelings of pessimism that nothing will ever change. Their mind may sometimes be overactive with anxious thoughts and worry whilst at other times they may find it difficult to focus on anything.  The latter makes it difficult for them to make decisions and so can leave them feeling detached. All of this leads to further feelings of despair and emotional pain. In depression it is also common to feel chronically tired but to have sleeping problems.

How Mindbalance can help you overcome depression
I use an effective combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) well established in the treatment of depression with hypnosis. This helps you to combat depression and to get your life back on track by creating a healthier, happier and more helpful way of thinking. I also would teach you coping skills to help you to overcome everyday problems and to achieve your goals, together with effective preventative skills to guard against a relapse. By gaining control over depression your sense of purpose and emotional health and wellbeing can be restored.

I may request permission to consult with your doctor in cases of moderate to severe depression. The therapy I offer at Mindbalance can be used alone or adjunct to anti- depressants.