Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence and self esteem together are a winning combination creating success, fulfilment and contentment in life.
Confidence is having self assurance about your own abilities believing you’re capable of doing the task in hand. People who are confident will still feel nervous when learning something new but accept that it’s normal to feel apprehensive before a new challenge, understanding that confidence takes time to build. A self- confident person will still be more confident about doing certain things than others.

Self Esteem on the other hand is when a person has a sense of self worth which means that they recognise and appreciate their good qualities, behaviours and talents and so feel secure and comfortable about themselves. People with self esteem accept that although making mistakes is not ideal, they know that everyone is fallible and see mistakes as a learning opportunity to do better next time. Having good self esteem helps a person to be more resilient to external pressures as they have learnt to rely on their own opinions rather than constantly needing reassurance or approval from other people.

Confidence and self esteem are created or eroded most strongly in our childhood as we develop our beliefs about ourselves. An encouraging nurturing home and school environment together with a good set of friends gives us the best chance of building our confidence and self esteem. However sadly for a lot of people childhood can be difficult so can leave them lacking in self esteem and confidence. Later in life events can also knock confidence and self esteem for example; divorce, redundancy, illness, a death of a loved one or an accident.

Boost your confidence and self esteem with Mindbalance
The good news is that it is never too late to regain your self esteem and/ or boost your confidence. In fact most people could benefit from boosting their confidence for a specific situation or event. Some of the common areas people struggle with are; public speaking, job interviews, exam nerves, shyness or trying to achieve a specific goal. At Mindbalance I can teach you relaxation methods, visualising rehearsal techniques within hypnosis and coping techniques to help calm you down whilst you build your confidence.

When a person has a severe lack of self esteem or confidence this will have had a much wider and deeper impact on their life often leaving them feeling unfulfilled, regretful and depressed.  They may have a self loathing and/or a self sabotaging habit. In this case I would use a combined therapeutic approach centred on your needs using various interventions within hypnosis in order to help you rid yourself of the hurtful labels and learn to find, appreciate and value your own unique qualities. This creates good self esteem so you can feel more comfortable and confident in life.