Stress Management & Emotional Wellbeing

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Stress Management is more necessary than ever due to Britain now having the longest working hours in Europe together with very little job security. When this is combined with juggling a busy home/personal life and meeting expensive living costs it isn’t surprising that people can feel overwhelmed and stressed. If continuous levels of stress hormones are released in the bloodstream, and then are not effectively broken down, long-term this can lead to an increased risk of developing certain health problems.

Stress occurs when a person perceives that they cannot cope with the pressure or demands being made of them. This is generally when the pressure is too great or has been going on too long without any break, resulting in exhaustion. Stress is also known to lower our immunity.

The symptoms of stress are psychological, emotional, physical and behavioural. A change in behaviour is often the most obvious initially, but by then the stress has generally been going on for months or possibly a year.

Some of the common signs recognised in Stress.


Difficulty in concentrating
Easily distracted
Negative Thinking
Panic Attacks

Mood swings
Extra sensitive to criticism
Angry/ Frustrated
Lack of confidence
Lack of self esteem

Muscle tension
Frequent illnesses
High blood pressure
Heart problems
Weight loss/gain
Fight and flight symptoms

Increased alcohol/ smoking/caffeine or recreational drugs
No relaxation time
Prone to accidents
Social withdrawal
Relationship problems
Sleeping problems
Change in character
Self neglect
Change in standard of work/ poor time management


So how can Mindbalance Stress Management help you

I have a diploma in Stress Management and I am a member of the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). I have a thorough understanding of all different types of Stress including personal and work related stress. Together with my therapeutic skills as a hypnotherapist I am able to offer a comprehensive and effective service helping people to regain the balance in their lives and be able to cope better (see stress management services)