Mindbalance can help you break unhelpful habits or make new positive ones

As habits occur at a subconscious level hypnotherapy can be a very quick and effective way of breaking a habit through positive suggestion therapy and/ or making the person much more aware of the habit so it can be stopped in its tracks. Common habits are nail biting, tooth clenching/grinding, pulling clothes, thumb sucking, and picking skin. I use suggestion therapy within hypnosis to help you to eliminate any old outdated habits. Other interventions for confidence and anxiety can also be used where necessary.
It is never too late to become a non- smoker no matter how long you have smoked as immediately your body will start to feel the benefit and you will improve your chances of living a longer healthier life. Your confidence improves as your skin looks healthier; you smell better and feel proud. Often people start smoking in their teens to fit in with their peers and then it becomes a long term habit. Habits are subconscious things we do at certain times of the day and in certain situations without consciously being aware of deciding to do them. Hypnotherapy is therefore an ideal therapy as it works at a subconscious level where habits exist. Hypnotherapy works by motivating a person to become and remain a non smoker whilst eliminating the desire to continue the old outdated habit which no longer has any benefits. The myths about possible problems (for example weight gain) are also dealt with. Once most people have decided to give up smoking through hypnosis they prefer doing it in a ‘one stop smoking session’. This works well when the person is extremely motivated and ready to give up and their smoking is purely habitual. If a person is suffering from stress or is going through a major life change and subconsciously believes that smoking helps them to cope, then effective coping skills to deal with the stress are initially recommended in order to give the stop smoking process a better chance of working. I offer a 2 hour ‘one stop smoking session’ using a combined hypnotherapy and NLP approach.
quit-smokingCreate new habits or reach a goal
I have many different therapeutic methods available to help, support and motivate you to reach many different types of goals and/ or create new habits. Please call or contact me to see how I may be able to help.