Mindbalance helps Gagging/ Choking problems
We all have a protective reflex to prevent us inhaling things into our lungs (going down the wrong way) but for some people the gag reflex is very hyper sensitive causing unpleasant retching, feelings of panic and possibly embarrassment. A severe gag reflex problem can sometimes be related to an early episode in life where an event caused the person to either gag severely, feel they were choking, suffocating or were unable to breath.

A severe gag reflex can hinder tooth brushing; having dental instruments placed in the mouth, having dental radiographs (x-rays) taken, dental impressions or in severe cases can get a person to cease going to the dentist for fear of provoking the unpleasant retching. This can compromise the person’s oral hygiene and dental health. Also, people who have lost some or all of their teeth and require dentures may find them difficult or impossible to wear. Having no teeth can make a person feel very self conscious, affecting their confidence in public and having detrimental effects on their self esteem due to problems with eating and speaking.

A combination of hypnotherapy techniques including hypnoanalysis and NLP can eliminate the problem in order to rebalance your gag reflex to a more comfortable level.